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Servant life in Tudor times

January 23rd, 2011 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

I can feel the bumps on the crumbling path as we are trotting

to the Tudor times, I know I am going to hate it here.

As the horse halts I get sent out of the carriage  to our

new old home.” “Straight away we get bossed around the

house with no greetings not even a smile.

I can hear the crying of the servant’s out working in the

fields, I really do feel sorry for the Tudor children.

The Bailiff is having a feast tonight to celebrate

Mary Ist’s birthday, they’ll be having grand food and all

I get is pottage-a kind of vegetable stew.

“The poor goose lays lots of eggs and its reward is

getting killed, I just don’t understand the Tudor times!”

By Alicia Hall and Eleanor Hall

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  • Grace

    Nice guys,I like “I can here the servent’s out in the fields!”

    Keep up the good work! :’D

  • Georgina

    good post eleanor and alicia, i like the part “straight away we get bossed around the
    house with no greetings not even a smile”
    that part is good ;D

  • Olivia

    Wow, thats really good ,and I like ‘Trotting into the Tudor Times.

  • Kate and Rhiannon

    Well done I remember learning about the Tudors it was good and lots of wow words 😀

  • Hollie

    I can imagin what it would be like in the Tudor times!

  • ben

    A really good piece of writing about servant life and some good words!

  • eggstinct

    I love your ‘trotting to the the Tudors times’!

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